3D modeling made simple

Our goal is for Grib to be the most user-friendly mobile application for 3D modeling that allows anybody to design in 3D.

Mobile AR

Grib uses the AR technology in your mobile device, enabling you to design 3D models in your  environment.

Drawing 3D objects in AR

Work with primitives

Grib uses the AR technology in your mobile device, enabling you to design 3D models in your environment.

2D sketch recognition

Give your models a unique form with your own sketches. Capture simple 2D drawings and convert them into 3D shapes.

Just grab the object and move it a better location

AR Kit/Core

Grab the entire scene and relocate it. Resize it so that it fits perfectly.


Grib’s user experience is designed around comfort. Nearly all of the commands for creating and manipulating 3D objects can be reached with your thumbs while holding your phone with both hands.

Familiar gestures

No need to spend time learning new buttons, tools, or controls. Positioning, rotating, resizing and pretty much everything else can be done using familiar gestures.

Edit mode

Double tapping an object enters you into edit mode. There, you can modify the color, material or other aspects of the objects, such as sides and edges of the shape.

Two universal buttons

Instead of flooding the screen with buttons of menus and tools, we’ve reduced these to two universal buttons, without sacrificing function. With these buttons, you still have full control of your scene and objects.

Object grouping

In edit mode, tapping on multiple objects will give you the option to group them together. This function also allows you to nest smaller groups into larger ones.


Grib has minimal barriers to collaboration. The combination of 3D modeling and 2D sketches allows for fun and efficient collaborations with your friends or teammates. On top of that, the app has compatibility with other 3D software and different sharing options.

Print, Share, or Save

Enjoy sharing your work online, with friends, colleagues, or our community.

Compatibility with other software

Import your work into other well-known 3D software products to take your work to the next level.


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