Discover the features of our 3D modeling app.

Grib’s goal is to be the most user-friendly mobile application that allows you to do 3D design on the fly, thanks to AR technology.

No need for 3D experience.

Want to turn your ideas into 3D models quickly? Just grab the app and “grib” it! Create 3D objects and parts, define them and put them together to create complex 3D designs, all intuitively.

Mobile AR.

The application is based on your mobile and AR technology. This enables you to work with a combination of pen, paper, and the digital world, allowing you to have a better sense of the scale, size, and the 3D forms.

Work with Primitives.

With the ADD button, you can add new objects to your scene. Pick from the ready-made primitives, drop it into the scene and adjust it quickly. This is pretty classic, right? If you want to do cooler stuff, check out our 2D sketch recognition tool.

2D Sketch Recognition.

In the ADD mode, image recognition allows you to capture simple 2D drawings to be the base of your models. Set the extrusion and precisely shape your desired form.

Everything at a Thumb’s Reach.

The user experience is designed around comfort. Almost all command you need for manipulating 3D objects can be reached with your thumbs while holding your phone with both hands.

Familiar gestures.

You can use familiar gestures to control, move, rotate, resize, and do more with your objects. No need to learn new awkward gestures.


Two Universal Buttons.

Instead of flooding the screen with menus and hundreds of buttons, we replaced them with two universal buttons for easy command and control of your scene and objects.


In edit mode, tap on multiple objects that you want to group together, and the group icon will appear. Once a group is selected, the group button turns to ‘ungroup’ function while in edit mode. This works also with grouping smaller groups into larger ones.

Modify & Edit.

Select an object, and by double tapping enter edit mode. There you can modify the color, material or change some aspects of the selected object, like moving the sides or relocating the edges.

Set Materials & Colors.

Easily select your objects and choose a color or a material for them easily and quickly.

Print, Share or Save.

Enjoy sharing your work online, share with friends, save them, and even import them to other well-known 3D software products.

AR Kit for Relocating.

You can grab your whole scene (and thanks to AR kit or AR core depending on your platform) relocate it to the desired location, zoom in or out to set your own working space and size. Hold down both universal buttons at the same time and move the scene to a new location, then release and place it.

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