We are a 3D software company in the city center of Helsinki (Finland) providing mobile AR 3D modeling application.
We are highly focused on innovation, user experience, and IPRs to create a new type of augmented reality user experience for intuitive 3D design.
We believe in the 21st century if you have to spend a considerable amount of time to learn a software to be able to use it, it means the software is badly designed. That is why Grib exists! And we are very flexible and open in our working culture.



You will be responsible for applying new ideas and recent technologies to prototype and develop new builds and features. It will be in close collaboration with UX design team. We expect you would be also comfortable with independent work as well.
What we want is keen mind following the AR/3D technologies who likes to contribute creating innovative and lovable design solutions – this is why game design perspective could be valuable.


The skills we are interested in are as follows – this does not mean you need to have all of them:
• Unity3D and C#
• 2D & 3D algorithm development
• Lower level programming
• Experience with 3D modeling software
• Experience with game development
• Experience with augmented reality
• Experience with mobile application
• You can mention what you can bring to the table



Send a simple email to and include:
– “3D Developer” in the title
– Your full name in the body
– Your LinkedIn profile address
– Your other profile link (if LinkedIn unavailable)
– Your one line either about your specialty, your opinion about Grib, or your concern (totally optional)

That’s it, nothing else is needed really.
Have a great day!


Fill the following information, so we can contact you.

Thank you for Your interest! We will contact you as soon as possible.