3D modeling is the creation of a virtual object, called a model. These models are then viewable and manipulatable in real space. Computer-aided design, visual planning, and entertainment use models in various ways, be it visualization or even manufacturing.

The main benefit of using 3D models over 2D drawings is the amount of information present. 2D drawings can only be viewed from one angle as to not change the image. 3D models can be viewed from all angles, revealing more information than a single image. This, however, adds time and complexity to the creation process.

Unfortunately, currently, it is hard to get into 3D modeling because of the difficulty of using the software. It is time-consuming, and the programs used to do this are not the most intuitive. These two factors are making the burden of knowledge high, effectively leaving all 3D modeling to specialists. And this is where Grib comes in.

How Grib does 3D modeling differently

With Grib, the shaping of objects is intuitive. We simply turn hand-drawn shapes into 3D by extending the shape into the newly available space. This not only makes creating the object easier. It also makes it possible to see the virtual object in the real world in the size and shape it is supposed to have. Additionally, the augmented reality allows you to compare the model You’ve created with real-world objects in real time.

Just draw a sketch on a piece of paper, turn it into a 3D model ready for sculpting, or even immediately 3D printing. All of this speed up the 3D modeling process significantly. It doesn’t just make 3D modeling faster, but also much simpler. With Grib everyone can make 3D models for demonstrative, sketching, or testing purposes.

3D modeling is a useful tool for planning and illustration, not just for creative work. Grib is making a tool to allow you to create and 3D model without having to learn the tool.

A more detailed explanation of 3D modeling can be read here. Grib is creating a 3D modeling application using AR. Read more on Augmented Reality and Grib.



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