GribTown™ Kids: designers in Helsinki gather to design for kids

GribTown kids uxify helsinki microsoft Flux

GribTown designing for kids organized by UXify Helsinki at Microsoft Flux

GribTown calls to design for children using Augmented Reality

The first session of GribTown™ Kids series of design workshops in Helsinki was organized in collaboration with Uxify Helsinki on July 4th at Microsoft Flux. In that session, the community opened up several scenarios and interesting ideas, which will be tested and narrowed down with the next workshop on August 7th.

How could kids use AR to design their own popsicle? This was the challenge brought by Grib and Pixsweet a startup from California with a 3D food platform. What matters to this collaboration is how can we empower creativity, self-expression, and creation of things that matter to the user.

“If it is so simple that kids could use it, then everyone else can as well” said Janne Kyttanen, renowned designer, entrepreneure, and former Creative Director at 3D Systems, who has recently also joined Grib.


GribTown kids uxify helsinki service design

Concept development for kids

GribTown kids uxify helsinki AR UX design

UX Design for kids

The event attracted 35 attendees with diverse backgrounds and perspectives – designers who are the future users of Grib-Pixsweet application themselves. They brought 5 kids (between 6 and 14 years old) with them on the second part of the workshop, where some of the ideas were tested. There were 7 groups making sure that there is at least one designer in each group with experience in designing for kids. Some of the participants were designer couples, who are parents of young kids. The kids that will be the young participants of the next workshop. This makes it all even more interesting. The finalist concept was the result of 2 sessions workshop. We expected there would be some ice pops to be served  at the end and it happened – sweet!

GribTown kids uxify helsinki AR UX design

Exploring ideas for kids to design for 3D printing food

Community, the best instrument for co-creation

Grib the company that has founded GribTown™ has always been a strong believer in co-designing with the community from the start. The founders are convinced that there is no better strategy than learning directly from and developing solutions with your users, partners, and customers. The company is constantly seeking new ways of collaboration and has high interest to engage the community, learn from them, and return what would benefit them. Satisfied with the results from co-development strategy, Grib expanded it by launching the public community GribTown™ in November 2016.

“Co-creation is the very foundation of Grib. We want to encourage the community, which ultimately consists of our users and partners to engage in the development and we do our best to return what they deserve to have” says Pouria Kay, CEO of Grib.


GribTown kids uxify helsinki AR UX design

Workshop participants

GribTown kids uxify helsinki mobile AR 3D modeling

Prototyping and testing with kids

Grib is focused on innovation especially regarding user experience (UX design) and is constantly looking for creative minds to join the community and create great applications together. There will be more GribTown events in future. So, if you are interested or have something to help this community, join GribTown and learn about the next co-creation workshops.


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